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CHEO's Dream of a Lifetime Lottery - Live the dream and help the little ones at CHEO!

You improve the lives of children and youth at CHEO

Without you, the work at CHEO would not be possible. In good times and in hard times, you are part of what keeps CHEO moving forward. Thanks to you, staff can screen patients and families for COVID-19 and still respond to the daily needs required of this region’s only pediatric hospital.

Whether it is ensuring children receive their chemotherapy, an open heart surgery, a cast on a broken bone, a simple test or enrollment in one of the hundreds of research studies, CHEO is equipped and ready for every child and youth that comes through our doors.

Over $4.2 million in prizes, including the beautifully crafted Minto Dream Home, cash, cars, trips and more! Grand Prize Details

Attention to Detail A collaboration by the Minto Communities team with Tanya Collins Design, the home’s unique Boho Chic interior reflects both global art history and sophistication with layers of organic and earthy texture. It celebrates beauty in diversity - in design, materials, and aesthetics. Embracing this eclectic style encourages you to like what you like and fill your home with the things that bring you joy. It’s maximalism over minimalism. It’s bringing your favourite knick-knacks and souvenirs out of storage and displaying them proudly. And it’s creating a home environment that is uniquely you. Visit the Design Studio

Location 571 Bridgeport Ave. Manotick, ON K4M 1K9 Location

About Minto Communities

For generations we’ve been here, helping Ottawa families create their home and build their dreams. This is our home too, and we’re proud to have been a part of building this great city.

Minto Communities, partnered with the CHEO Foundation, proudly present the 2020 CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery Grand Prize and this year’s Minto Dream Home, The Bohemian, located in Mahogany, Manotick.

Over $2,800,000 in prizes

  • Minto Dream Home - Minto Dream Home fully furnished by La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries $2,643,250

  • $100,000 Cash $100,000

  • 2020 INFINITI QX50 AWD Essentialfrom Myers Automotive Group (or 50,000 cash) $58,927

  • Bi-weekly cleaning for one year from ATC Cleaning (non-transferable) $9,255

  • $5,000 Farm Boy Gift Card $5,000

  • $5,000 Canadian Tire Gift Card $5,000

  • Moving Services from Adam’s Moving $2,500

  • Legal Services from Mann Lawyers $2,034

  • Ottawa REDBLACKS™ 2021 CFLseason tickets for two (Section EE) $1,243

  • RBC Bluesfestfull event passes for two people for the 2021 season $452

  • Total $2,827,660

Early Bird Draw

What would you do with extra cash in your pocket? Will you live free for a year, travel the world, or go on a major shopping spree? With this $250,000 Early Bird cash prize your dreams can come true!

Prize details $250,000 Cash

You could also win one of 2,600 Early Bird bonus tickets at $100 each.

Order before midnight on Friday, November 20.

Tickets are on sale for $100 each or $250 for 3, and the early bird deadline (with $250,000 of additional prizes) is November 20th.

Don't wait, live the dream and help the little ones at CHEO!